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State Board - 6th Std
Science - Term 3
Learning Objectives:
  • To recognise the sources and availability of water
  • To clarify the composition of water and the process of water cycle
  • To develop skills in suggesting ways to conserve water
  • To realise the importance of water for life on earth
  • To appreciate the efforts made to conserve water
Water : Textbook - Book back questions PDF

Choose and Fill in the blank.
True / False and Match the following.
Arrange the following statements and Analogy
Complete Guide For All Text Book Back Exercise Questions
Water : Formative Assessment Part (b) Unit Test PDF

Water - Book back question - Test 1
Water - Book back question - Test 2
Water - Question from Learning objectives
Water - Practice questions
Water : Extra Online Curriculum

Students can Study complete Water Unit with simple and clear explanation and also can Practice Different variety of Practice Questions Using the following YaClass - Water Unit Link.
Teachers can use these materials with the Smart Board or Projector in the classroom.
Water : Practice Question With Answer and Solution key Water : Textbook Theory Explanation

Science opens your students up to an abundance of learning and helps them to answer the great mysteries of the universe. Teachers can click on the link below to download the largest collection of class 6 science PDF questions which can be downloaded free. You can click on the link below to download the chapter-wise PDF

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  • YaClass questions PDFs for class 6 science students help science teachers in three branches: physics, chemistry and biology.
  • Since there are several new topics introduced in this grade, Science in grade 6 is usually considered crucial.
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Tamilnadu 6th New Books

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Scenario #1 - Regular Homework
Mostly teachers do homework's like this:
  1. Teacher tell Textbook question number
  2. Student do homework in copybook
  3. Teacher collect copybooks
  4. Do manual check
Scenario #2 - Improved Homework
  1. Teacher use questions from PDF
  2. Student do homework in copybook
  3. Teacher share PDF Reference materials and students do self-check
Scenario #3 - Mixed Homework
  1. Teacher share PDF with QR Codes
  2. Student use copybook to do PDF questions
  3. Students who has smartphone can use QR Code and see solution samples
  4. Students with no smartphones can get Reference materials next day and do self-check
Scenario #4 - Online Homework
  1. Teacher share PDF
  2. Student use QR Code in PDF to complete homework online
  3. Student use copybook to solve online questions
  4. After completion student can see answers and solutions online and do the self-check
Scenario #5 - Unit Test Printed
  1. Teacher print PDF with Unit Test
  2. Students complete PDFs in Class
  3. Teacher use Reference material to do remediation with class
Scenario #6 - Unit Test with Projector
  1. Teacher use projector to show PDF with Unit Test
  2. Students complete PDFs in Class
  3. Teacher use projector to show Solution keys and do remediation
Scenario #7 - Unit Test with Tablets/Computer Lab
  1. Teacher share PDF with Unit Test
  2. Students use "Complete Online" link to do Unit Test Online
  3. After completion students see results and solution keys
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